If you intend to drink alcohol, you have to understand how much of it is safe for you. It should be a personal assessment and should not be based on anybody else. There are guidelines that have been set to serve as a basis on your limits. It’s important to consume alcohol in moderation to gain some of its health benefits and avoid all the health issues associated with it.

The general guidelines say that healthy males up to 60 years of age can’t drink up to four servings of alcohol in a given day. For the entire week, they shouldn’t take any more than fourteen servings. When it comes to healthy women, the recommended amount is nothing more than 3 glasses of servings every day. The weekly limit is seven servings. This recommended amount is also applicable to men over 60 years of age.

The Standard Alcohol Serving

If you’re wondering how much is a standard alcohol serving, it’s actually different, depending on the type of liquor you’re taking. If it’s beer, then one serving is 12 oz, which roughly contains 5% alcohol. For wine, it’s 5 ounces, which amounts to 12% alcohol. If you’re taking distilled spirits like whiskey, then it’s going to be 1.5 oz, which contains 40% alcohol.

So the next time you drink beer or table wine, you must check the quantity of each bottle and its alcohol content. It follows that a 22-ounce beer bottle is equivalent to two servings. A 16 oz bottle, on the other hand, is roughly 1.3 servings. Make adjustments accordingly.

If you’re drinking table wine, for example, one bottle is usually 750 ml. That’s about 25 oz, which is equivalent to 5 servings. If it is malt liquor that you intend to drink, then a 12 oz bottle is considered as 1.5 serving. The 22 oz bottle is 2.5 servings.

Binge and Heavy Drinking

You should always go over these guidelines whenever you drink socially so you’ll be protected from all the health complications associated with alcoholism. If you drink too much wine or beer, then its health benefits are canceled. The key is moderation. You should never drink heavily or succumb to binge drinking.

You are guilty of binge drinking if you are drinking more than five servings of liquor on a given day. In fact, you’re tagged as a binge drinker if you do that twice within a space of 30 days. When you drink more than five servings, then your blood alcohol level increases and the effect of liquor dawns on you. Heavy drinking, on the other hand, is done if you drink more than 5 servings within a space of five days.

The reasons why people drink alcohol is rather clear. However, the effect of consuming it is not. Liquors are toxic to the body. It can cause irreversible effects when one’s consumption exceeds the recommended levels. Such damage isn’t limited to alcoholics. Everyone who consumes alcohol has to constantly check how much they’re drinking, what they’re drinking, and when they’re drinking. But just the same, everyone is free to check out the liquors for sale in San Diego if they intend to drink socially but not excessively.