Numerous terpenes are being discussed because of the health benefits it offers to many besides the smell it is most known for. So, what are some of the terpenes we may not have heard about before?

1. Eucalyptol

This terpene is the terpene primarily found in eucalyptus trees. It is often described as minty as well as a provider of a cooling effect. Even if this smell is often praised as soothing and calming in cannabis, this smell is not in demand. It also has a tiny percentage, with just 0.06% in the cannabis industry.

Like levomenol, this terpene is also being used in cosmetics and medicine. Due to its ability to make the pain more bearable, it has been known medically. Another medical-related advantage that anyone can take advantage of is slowing the growth of any bacteria or fungi. Through this, a lot has been pouring attention in it due to its effect on patients with Alzheimer’s.

2. Trans-nerolidol

This terpene is most common in jasmine flowers, tea tree oil, and even lemongrass. The general description of trans-nerolidol is its floral yet citrusy scent. However, sometimes it is also described as woody.

Even if trains-nerolidol is more common for this characteristic, floral yet citrusy scents are what most go-for. It is also good medical support for various issues. It is an excellent terpene for antioxidant properties while providing aid in cancer, fungi, and bacteria.

3. Humulene

This terpene also has a spicy note; however, it is combined with wood and earthy. This terpene is best described as a clove-smelling terpene. It has benefits for people who have cancer to make sure cancer cells are inhibited from growing more rapidly. Moreover, it is also the best option if you want to get in shape due to its appetite suppressing effect. If ever you are looking for a terpene to help you shed off some extra pounds, it is wise to start with humulene.

4. Camphene

Fir needles! This is the best description of Camphene. Camphene has a scent very similar to myrcene. That’s why it is mistaken with the latter. Camphene has been tagged as a good ingredient in topical treatment for issues in the skin like psoriasis and eczema. It has a potent dose of vitamin C and a good source of antioxidants.

More than that, it has also been very well known in cardiology due to its ability to potentially help decrease the levels of triglycerides and cholesterol in the look of a person. This will eventually result in lower issues with cardiovascular health.

5. Borneol

Borneol is often found in herbs with minty scents like mint, rosemary as well as camphor. This is a terpene that can help combat the presence of insects, helping you repel insect bites in the process. Besides its ability to shoo away insects, it also helps in bidding goodbye to diseases related to the edges of various insects. It is highly known in Asia, specifically in Chinese medicine.

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